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DCC LED Full HD Projector with MIRACAST ( 2000 LUMENS 130 INCH Display

DCC LED Full HD Projector ( 2000 LUMENS 130 INCH Display

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BIG SCREEN:Image size 20-140 Inches. Share Wonderful moved moments with your friends, partner, family and your dear guests. Great for outdoor movies. Looks bright in any time of the day with 2000 lumens. Comes with 2 years service warranty. Multi-function input VGA/HDMI/USB/AV/SD Card, Dual USB and HDMI posts, makes it more convenient. Multimedia support photo, music,movie,e-book. Connect your Computer / Laptop / Mobile /Blu-ray DVD Player to enjoy video or movie Simple Setup, Intuitive Operation, and Hassle-Free Maintenance
This is the ultra portable yet highly powerful LED projector is well suited for watching movies, giving Presentations or Trainings, anytime, anywhere. It is not only smaller than its predecessors but alsoetter in brightness and flexibility of use. DCC is based on the DLP technology, which is the most sophisticated light technology in the world. It contains a rectangular array of up to 8.8 million microscopic mirrors used for efficiency and reliable colour picture accuracy. It is a 100 lumens projector and is great for 10-20 people in a reasonably dark room. The brightness remains the same whether it is connected to the AC Power or running on in-built battery. 80 inch diagonal screen length can be easily achieved by keeping the projector 8 feet away from the wall or the screen. One can enjoy movies through the SD card, USB drive or through your computer anytime and anywhere. The device is also useful for professionals on the- go to present important presentations / slides and information to a group. With this you can play, from your Android smartphone or iPhone/iPad, your mobile games, videos, pictures on the big screen with no lag, while charging your phone at the same time (You can buy appropriate cables for this). It also has an inbuilt speaker so that you can listen to the audio content in the video, even when using a pen drive.
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